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The Psychiatry and Behavioral Science Department was awarded a five-year grant from SAMHSA to provide Mental Health Awareness Training within our community. Our focus is to better prepare law enforcement, first responders, and other community members to identify mental illness. We encourage trainees to establish referral linkages by connecting individuals with available community resources (i.e psychiatric services, counseling, peer support, self-help groups).

Our Project Coordinator, Kayleigh Faber, provides a Mental Health First Aid Certification course which includes topics on depression and mood disorders; anxiety disorders; trauma; psychosis; and substance use disorders.

We are fortunate the grant also allows for additional mental health awareness training. If you have a topic that you feel would be beneficial for you or your staff, please reach out!

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is a skills-based training course that teaches participants about mental health and substance-use issues.

CLEET trainings

We collaborate with CLEET to provide on-going mental health training to law enforcement in our state.

Community Resources

Sometimes finding resources within your community can be a challenging task. This list is not comprehensive but we will continuously update with new resources as necessary. The resources listed here are for convenience and informational use only.


Kayleigh Faber

Project Coordinator

Psychiatry and Behavioral Science

918.561.1202 · OSU.MHAT@okstate.edu

Thank you for making what we do, possible!

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